I am a native Washingtonian and former Middle School English Teacher.  I am married to my contractor hubby of five years and we have two wonderful daughters who are just our everything,  

I also am incredibly lucky to have a large, loud, beautiful extended family that all lives within a few minutes of us.  Think an Irish/German version of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," with a little bit of the Von Trapps thrown in.  Never a dull moment!  
We live in a mid-century rambler that we added onto and are still in the midst of renovating.  It's true what they say about the cobblers kids not having shoes... except for with a contractor and their home.  Watching the progress and the product makes it all worth while though!

The idea for Furnish came about when our oldest daughter was still an infant.  Becoming a parent vastly changed my perspective and my goals in life.  It caused me to reevaluate what was important and to really start to think about what kind of life I wanted for our family. It awoke in me a drive to live with intention and to CREATE a life instead of living within the confines of expectation. 

And so I decided to start Furnish!  With the blog and seasonal market, I wanted to create a space dedicated to intentionally adding beauty to our everyday lives and homes.  What we choose to surround ourselves with, what we find joy in, dictates so much about the life that we build.  My hope is that within Furnish you find some little bits of beauty, be it a recipe, design inspiration, a new artist, or a vintage vase, that help you along your way to creating the life that you want!   





Furnish is a brand about the modern family and home.  The eclectic look and feel nods to the past and carries the best of it through to the future. 

Modern families are all about creating and choosing the life that you want.  Gone are the days when life was prescriptive and presumptive.  We are shirking expectation and creating our own unique recipe for the life that fits our unique circumstances and personalities.  Furnish is all about aiding in those choices, and helping you to add beauty to every aspect of life.  

In the shop you will find vintage and artisan home accessories to add character and beauty to your home.  The blog is filled with musings and ideas to help you furnish your home, family, self and adventures with beauty.  


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