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Kitchen Coffee Bar and Plant Wall

Two of my absolute favorite things are coffee and my plant babies.  Seriously.  I love them.  Not as much as my kids, or my hubby, but still, they make me very happy.  So it only made sense that they were given their own special place in our kitchen.  This wall is one of my favorite projects yet.  It brings me so much joy when I walk over every morning to grab a mug and make my first (of too many) cup of coffee.

The first thing we did was paint the buffet.  It is an old, sturdy piece of furniture that has been in the family and just needed an update from the rich brown of its former life.  I started off painting it teal, which was a horrible idea.  I wish I had taken a picture!  So bad.  So we settled on this really rich, black color called caviar from Sherwin Williams.  It makes the piece feel slightly more modern but it isn’t too corny looking.  Then Greg hung the shelves with these brackets I found at Anthropologie, and made me the mug rack of my dreams.  I so love the simple Scandinavian vibe of the mug rack and just how narrow and natural the wood is.  It will be fun to see this wall evolve as I inevitably bring more plants home and fill in the space a bit more.  It is definitely a living wall that will be fun for years to come.

mugs // nespresso coffee maker  (and it’s on sale!)  // lamp // grow light bulb

herb watercolors //

Gold Brackets //


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