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Spring Sounds

girls playing on patio

I haven’t known what day it is, any day this week.  I do know, however, that it has been a bit of a slow one.  With Eliza being sick and neither of the girls sleeping well, we have been a slow, sleepy bunch around our house.  This unforeseen slowdown hasn’t been all bad.  We have had the chance to play more, cuddle more, and listen more; to each other and our surroundings.  The girls have been playing endlessly on the patio, soaking up the sun and relishing in bare legs and shoulders, when the weather allows.  And I have been opening the windows to listen for the girls while they play as I straighten.  The sounds of Spring have been circling around me this week, no matter the day; especially since I couldn’t tell you the day if you asked.

Last week was all about Spring scents and making a citrus and herb candle that is still gracing the kitchen with her flame and her smell.  This week I have been thrust into Spring sounds and wanted to share just a few of the things that have been making this slow week especially thoughtful, sweet and filled with the season.


I am a podcast junkie and this week has been no exception.  I have been soaking up as much talk of spring, whether it be cooking or gardening, or commentary on this season of life.  These were a few of my favorites.



When I haven’t been in a place or mood to intently listen, I have been playing Andrew Bird’s music.  I stumbled across him a few months ago and I am still a bit upset that I hadn’t discovered him earlier.  His music is just what we have been needing these days, calming, interesting, beautiful, and Eliza just loves to dance to it.  I made a little spotify playlist of some of our favorites for you to have a listen.

Andrew Bird Playlist – click here

I hope these sounds find you enjoying this week and this season, and that they can add a little beauty into your days.  Since we have covered scents and sounds, maybe I should shoot for sights and tastes in the coming weeks.  Make a little series out of it.  Spring is just full to the brim of pretties, waiting to be heard, or shared or gobbled up.  MEB 

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