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Meal Planning

meal planning

I love to cook; to try new recipes and repeat each person’s favorites, filling my people’s bellies with the foods that will remind them of home.   I don’t, however, like to look at the clock, realize that its 5:00, and scramble to throw something together.  My nature is that of a planner.  Probably to a fault.  Pair that with the teacher in me and out comes organized meal planning templates.  I made this menu and grocery list probably around a year ago and it has really helped me to head into the week and the grocery store knowing that I am going to stock the kitchen with lots of fresh food that is going to make our delicious meals with minimal waste.  A couple of added bonuses I have found are that our grocery costs are much lower when I take the time to plan, and I spend much less time in the grocery store.  Both are oh so welcome!  Seeing as this blog is all about adding beauty and intention, I thought I should share this little ritual of mine.  To me, being able to plan and prepare food for our family, food that we are excited about, that we can gather around, ticks both of those boxes.

The How To

Each week, well most weeks, I sit down and plan out our week of dinners, writing the ingredients I will need under each meal.  I then think about breakfast foods, lunch and snacks for the girls, and any household items that we need.  These things I just jot down, and don’t plan out with each day necessarily in mind.  Once I have the week planned, I go through and fill in the grocery list, referring to my menu and the ingredients and foods that I have already listed.  It is organized by kind of food, which makes it so easy when I am in the grocery store.  Once I am home with the week’s lot, I hang our menu in the pantry for easy access and a much needed reminder as the busy days take hold.

Less time in the grocery store, less food waste, never having to wonder what to make for dinner.  It is worth the hour that it takes to think intentionally about the meals I want to share and the food that I want to bring into our house.  I hope you find these templates as useful as I do and that they help you to bring a bit of intention and joy into your kitchen!

Download the Weekly Menu here.

meal planning

Download the Weekly Grocery List here.

meal planning

meal planning

meal planning

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